About Me

       A Mama's Heart for God, was created out of deep love and honor for God.

      God has changed everything in my life from the inside out. My broken heart, led me into living a life fully surrendered to God.  God met me in a place, when life's journey had unraveled all my packed away brokenness. Sudden loss of my beautiful baby sister, followed by the loss of my dad, threw me into a tailspin of grief. Over the next five years, grief brought all my undealt with trauma and hurt to the surface.  

     October of 2018, I was a mom of three, business owner, with an empty broken marriage. I cried out to God, A God I wasn't even sure was real, when I could not take another step in the life I was living. In that moment of complete heartbreak, God showed up. This began the most incredible, painful, rewarding journey into a real, loving, intimate, unconditional relationship with God. I stepped into worship, and encountered  A God so incredible, he is absolutely undeniable. 

   So I welcome you, to my roadmap of how God is leading me into a journey of living in worship, healing, wrestling, learning, and obedience. I look forward to what God has in store for me and you.


                                                                                                   Lisa Bigner